About Us

Formed by three founder schools in 2018, Pennine Academies Yorkshire considers every school that is part of the Trust a family member. Our values are centred around the diversity of our schools and how this strength can help all of us to grow together to provide the best possible outcomes for pupils., ensur-ing that every child makes exceptional progress in their academic and social development. We work in collaboration with one another, supporting one another and sharing best practice whilst respecting each schools’ autonomous rights. This is not a one size fits all Multi-Academy Trust!

We have a particular care for our pupils who have additional needs. We recognise this is a growing area of need both locally and nationally. All schools in the family are wedded to the principles of inclusion. It therefore stands to reason we should make the maximum effort to make pupils with additional needs even more welcome, remove more barriers and ensure their future success.
We believe this should happen alongside their peers in mainstream provision. The trust currently has one Designated Specialist Provision for Autism and we are in consultation with another family member with an Additional Resource Centre for Visual Impairment. We are also in the formative stages of devel-oping a Additional Resource Centre for pupils with Social and Emotional Health struggles. We are doing this in partnership with the Local Authority.

Having a resource provision is not a pre-requisite for joining us but strong SEND mainstream inclusion is; even if you are seeking to strengthen the practice you already have in school.

Our strength is our collaboration which encompasses a wide range of skills, knowledge and creativity.

Our strength is our diversity, the opportunity to learn about one another through our differences and to shape generations to come to accept all.

Come join the family!